Beijing|| the forbidden city



Upon our return from Beijing & visiting the Palace Museum [Forbidden City], we were inspired to watch the movie The Last Emperor, for walking in the footsteps of such incredible history, including that of Pu Yi, was mind-boggling. The movie helped give some reality to what life inside the walls would have been like. To be surrounded by such beauty in the architecture, lavish interior design & gardens, yet to exist only within the walls of the Palace, an unfathomable experience. It is by all means worth your time to explore, & it will leave you with long lasting memories.



I am always blown away visiting places that I fondly recall studying in History class. I had great teachers that knew how to tell a good story, and stories that have stuck with me for a long time. So physically seeing what we had to use our imagination to visualize – always warms my heart.










All photography is by C-Bob-Foto.


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3 responses to Beijing|| the forbidden city

  1. travelscapism

    “The Last Emperor” is one of my all time favorite movies – and it is true there is something beautiful and fascinating to walk in the footsteps of history. I spent over half a day in the Forbidden City when I visited. Great photos to boot :)

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