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Thanks WordPress for adding Roam & Home as one of your fave sites for your Spring Break Travel Round-Up. Here is what they had to say:

“In the northern hemisphere, spring is just around the corner — that time when a young blogger succumbs to wanderlust. If you’re planning a spring break or just want to travel vicariously, blogs can help you pick a destination, plan your itinerary, and even help you choose a book or two to pass the time on the plane (or train, or bus, or boat). Here are a few of our faves: ……”

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“Chicago’s Karen Valentine is eating her way around the world, and she shares it all with us on roam & home. From Chicago to China to Colombia to theCzech Republic (and lots of other places that don’t start with the letter “C”), she travels in style, finding the best eats, quirkiest neighborhoods, and can’t-miss sights. Along with plenty of tips on what to eat, where to stay, and what to see, she’ll help you find the perfect travel bag, and her well-curated blogroll and list of travel resources will answer any question she can’t.”

You can see the full story here.

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Discarded Christmas


It’s the end of January in Chicago, and people are still taking Christmas to the trash. As you walk by back alleys all you can see is discarded christmas trees still waiting for someone to deal with them. The city did have a recycling program, but I guess people are too lazy to purchase a tree with the responsibility of knowing they have to thoughtfully dispose of it. It made me a little mad, and a whole lot sad seeing all those lovely greens tossed away.



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Blog & website makeover

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Things have been quiet over here on the blog lately. Behind the scenes work has been progressing on a total make-over. I can’t wait to share the story behind the designs, the designer & how we met each other. In the meantime, please forgive the messy look & the lack of posts.

Chiberia – colder than cold


Everything is frozen. Chicago has been transported to Chiberia today, this is the coldest weather I think I have ever experienced in my life. It is crazy at -26*C [-14*F] and then add in the windchill factor and you get -42*C [-45*F]. That is one of the lowest temperatures on record. In fact, it is so crazy cold that you can instantly turn boiling water into snow [see below].

Stay warm if you are in this ‘polar vortex‘. Biggest issue at our house whilst weathering the cold temperatures – we ran out of Letherbee Gin last night leaving us at Death’s Door! Somehow I think we will make it.