Soe cafe || the red arrow highway

Soe Cafe on the Red Arrow Highway in Michigan’s Harbor Country is an adorable cozy spot serving up farm to table treats. Make sure you pop in for some delectable edibles next time you are passing through, or visiting this area. It’s not far off the highway Michiganders when you are making the trek home for holiday celebrations, a nice break with some soul warming food. The new chef that stepped in earlier in 2010 – Justin White hails from the kitchens of ‘Custom House’ and ‘The Bristol’ here in Chicago, and is cooking up a storm in the country. This man knows what to do with good fresh local & seasonal products. The sweet beet salad dished up with oranges and pumpkin seeds was a delight for the taste buds. The Wisconsin trout was cooked to perfection and so delicious served with roasted cauliflower, and add the brussel sprouts side dish with quinoa and pickled onions – perfect bites. Then there is the lush creamy chicken pot pie topped with flaky pastry, guess who was in a food coma for the rest of the drive. Looking forward to going back.

Soe Cafe on Urbanspoon

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