Brunch || at the nightwood

Looking for somewhere for Brunch on a Sunday? Well look no further – we have solved your dilemma and share with you our new fave – Nightwood in Pilsen. We have been here several times for dinner in the past, but never for brunch. Now we are hooked. Get on the email list so you can see what is available for brunch. And they take reservations so you don’t have to stand in line.

As you can see, what is not to like? The menu changes every week and has an amazingly inventive collection of dishes to select from. The ‘tots’ [featured below] are worth the trip alone, crunchy on the outside, perfectly salted, and creamy on the inside. I can not forget to mention the ‘donuts’ especially  the bacon donut. We all know everything tastes better with bacon, add it to a donut – yowzer! The house made rabbit sausage had me drooling in my sleep during an afternoon nap dreaming about it. Oh and the chicken, deep-fried, crispy and finger lickin’ good in a gourmet way not a KFC ‘I have no napkins’ kinda way. See you there for brunch.

Nightwood on Urbanspoon

3 responses to Brunch || at the nightwood

  1. Claire

    I agree…..and apparently, Rob and Alison Levitt-former owners of MADO, now owners of The Butcher and Lardner, have provided the sausage for today’s brunch. I’m On my way NOW!!
    If you haven’t been to their shop yet-GO!!! then review it!


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