Fave finds || cheese fromage queso

What is better than a meal shared with good friends consisting of: crusty breads; a fabulous selection of cheeses; an assortment of accompaniments; and a few bottles of wine? These always make for my favorite form of casual dining. In this case however there are two [2] additions to the event that make it extra special: firstly [1st] that the cheese selections come from Pastoral; secondly [2nd] the amazing presentation by our clever friend Jane [see her other work by clicking here]. We always eat with our eyes first and as you can see it = Food Porn.

The simple and clever presentation on the dining table instantly had us all salivating, grabbing at a plate and digging in. The line-up of cheeses on one board offered a great selection of hard and soft cheese from Italy, France and Spain. With the second board providing accompaniments of: olives; mixed nuts & dried fruits; dried mangoes; fruit & whole wheat artisan breads; warm roasted tomatoes; marinated eggplant; honey; quince paste; and fig jam. YUM!

As for where the cheese came from: it came from Pastoral [via] on 2945 N. Broadway. There is no cheese shop in Chicago that can rival Pastoral. Yes – Wholefoods has a great selection but the knowledge, passion, and helpful service coupled with the highly encouraged sampling is what keeps us going back. With so many temptations we always over spend in here. Wait – is it possible to over spend when talking about cheese? They also offer amazing breads, crackers, wines and everything else that pairs with cheese upholding the same quality standards as the cheese selection itself. Well done Pastoral – you are a great ‘Fave Find‘ and we are customers for life.

Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine on Urbanspoon

One response to Fave finds || cheese fromage queso

  1. Krista

    I kinda dig Trader Joe’s cheese selection too. I was impressed with the breadth of their offering at the downtown location. (I have given up on the West Lakeview location. That parking lot is a ZOO.)

    No tastings really at TJ’s though except when they feel like it…


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