‘Sprout’ out || to dale for brunch

Already a huge fan of Sprout [dinner post], we headed here on Sunday for a post 40th Birthday hang-over brunch. Once again Dale Levitski & team at Sprout have out-done themselves. Do yourself a ‘flavor’ and book yourself in. They only started serving up brunch 2 weeks ago, of which you would never guess, the menu is so finely tuned. OMG good.

After getting sorted with some cocktails [hair-of-the-dog] we jumped into getting some snacks whilst we waited for the main dishes to arrive. The ‘Foie-Gras Deviled Eggs’ & the ‘Lithuanian Bacon Buns’ were both packed with little surprises. The eggs with raisins, a brilliant idea to add a touch of sweet. The buns filled in the center with delicious mounts of crispy bacon bits. The tone for the day was set, expectations were high…..

… and let me tell you, we were not disappointed, we were blown away. As you know I am not a food critic, I just love food, and the inventiveness presented to you at this spot is just so fun and tasty. Take the steak & eggs, all grown-up but still playful with a battered hush-puppie on my steak – brilliant. The rabbit hash with apples and mushrooms were such a clever combination of flavors. And the Lamb Eggs Benedict, hands down this was the winner for the day. We all loved our dishes but this one was OTT. A take on ‘birdseye frozen veggie mix’ [lol] served with the most insanely delicious spring pea cake was totally drool worthy stuff.

Loving our main dishes, we had to snack on sides: some of the pork belly – crispy juicy fatty perfection; and the house-made sausage in a sweet sauce – loved it! These people know how to ‘play with their food’ and make it taste so damn good! Thanks guys for a great b’day brunch.

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