BBQ || Lillie’s Q

Lillie’s Q interior is a dressed-up BBQ joint, kinda french bistro meets an old-school butcher shop. With walls lined in subway tile, chunky wooden tables looking like giant butcher blocks, metal bistro chairs, meat hooks converted into light fixtures, and plenty of natural light to make the place cozy. I also liked the heavy metal trays to neatly contain all the sauces on offer and to prevent them from being knocked off the table. There is a large selection of quality beers on offer that come served in a ‘ball’ jar.

Now to the food. First off – I can’t stop thinking about the super creamy grits with crispy bacon bits, I think I would find myself hard-press to pass by and not pop-in for a side serving. The fried pickles were also surprisingly good too, the best I have ever had. We ordered up the pulled pork, tri-tip & ribs. All were rated as good, they are different, not as heavy on the ‘smoke’ as say Smoque is, but still good in its own right. Recommended for a visit for sure.

Lillie's Q on Urbanspoon

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