Train || dining car

The Silverpalm Restaurant is in an old train dining car built-in May, 1947 and was once used primarily on a New York to Florida route. Attached to the Matchbox, an aptly named bar for its size, that has great cocktails, and a solid beer selection, the Silverpalm offers up the food portion for the evening.

This is not a place for someone counting calories or hoping that they can find something on the menu that is lo-cal. What you will find is some of the best fried foods in town. There is not a sign in any of the fried foods that show oil being present. How do they do it? Crisp to perfection and not over salted so you can add to your own taste level. With that said, order anything fried on the menu. The huge piles of onion rings, the calamari [you can get it grilled but the fried stuff is go good], and the chips – luv’em all.

There is a good selection of diner \ american comfort food on the menu ranging from sandwiches, fried chicken, ribs, steaks and fish. We personally always opt for the ‘Duck Club‘. Yes – I know about the ‘Three Little Pigs’ sandwich declared by Anthony Bourdain as ‘genius’. I over look it, it’s really just gluttonous, and it shocks me that the place serves up many of them every night. The duck club is also huge, so we split it, and they kindly split it for us without even requesting it. On the menu it is described as – Southern Pacific Railway´s Duck Club Sandwich – Grilled duck breast; prosciutto, sun-dried cherry compote; on brioche. The cherry compote is sweet deliciousness and the duck is cooked to perfection, and that brioche – NOW that is ‘genius‘. Check it out when in the mood for something casual & familiar with a twist. And don’t forget to try some of the insanely good Matchbox cocktails.

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