Dinner || cafe des architectes

Ever notice how busy a birthday month May is? What was going on [or maybe not] 9  months prior? We headed to Cafe Des Architectes to celebrate the birthday of 3 boys. The restaurant, a swank French Brasserie, is located in the Sofitel Hotel just off Rush Street on Chestnut Street.

We purchased a great deal online through Open Table. A pre-fixe 5 course dinner for $49.00, seemed like too good of a deal not to take up. For a hotel restaurant [I usually try to avoid them at all length, only saving them for desperate times on business trips] this place was great-tasty-value for money factoring in the deal we got.

We started off with a few cocktails each, this racked up the bill. Then we ordered two bottles of wine for 6 people, a white and a red. The wine list isn’t huge but it is adequate. The dinner started with ‘Artichoke Profiteroles‘  aggressively seasoned but still good with the crisp white wine.

Then we moved onto the Hamachi De-Light [celery-apple emulsion • smoked steelhead roe • piquillo pepper]. So light after the first palate awakening, and had us excited about what else was to arrive.

The Potato Gnocchi [roasted garlic cream • spring pea fricassee • morels] was a favorite for the evening, creamy and tender and filled with an amazing spring fragrance. So far we are still doing good.

NEXT up the Alaskan Halibut [baby spinach • fingerling potatoes • lobster velouté • thumbelina carrots], absolutely divine piece of fish, loved the sweet with the salty.

The final savory dish was Muscovy Duck Breast [local morel mushrooms • green cauliflower • fig-duck jus], I have to say still fondly remembering the duck dish we had at Next – Paris 1906, this was a nice experience, but will not be as memorable.

We all thought the experience was very good, and we would go back, especially with the deal that we got.

The thing that will be hard for me to pass-up when close to the hotel again is anything that they offer up from the pastry chef. Bonus, they offer a 4 course dessert tasting menu. Hands down the desserts are created with true french essence, perfect in every way and some of the best macaroons in the city. In summary, it is worthy of a visit.

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  1. Krista

    one of the best food critics in london (in my humble opinion)–@marinametro–did a survey of her followers (foodies, such that they are) last year to see what sign they were born under. the vast majority were taureans!

    shortly afterwards, I went to a session on palm reading (don’t ask) and the woman guessed my sign (and my hobby) before I even opened my mouth–my mound of venus gave me away, she told me.

    this all sounds random, doesn’t it? my point is thus: taureans like food more than other signs. so a late april/early may birthday is always a reason for a big dinner somewhere!

    all this and i am really not so into horoscopes. i just find the apparent taurean connection to food interesting, you know?


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