Urban culinary adventure || middle eastern

Semiramis was selected for our lastest group culinary adventure. It was selected for a number of reasons namely: a] it is BYOB; b] good for sharing; c] it has excellent reviews d] it is of an ethnicity that we hadn’t tried yet.

I asked each of the guests to answer a few questions to weigh-in with their thoughts on the dining experience. Here is what was said in a few words or one, and in no particular order:

1. Describe the atmosphere that you encountered at Semiramis.
Pleasant if a bit nondescript. Harem-like. Dance-hall like. Comfortable.

2. Describe the service.
Attentive, informative and friendly. It was nice to get some background on some of the dishes. Very helpful and accommodating. Excellent. Friendly.

3. Describe the menu.
Middle eastern (Lebanese?) with a variety of entrees, including vegetarian. Some imaginative variations on the typical middle eastern theme. Never actually looked at it we just asked them to select for the group and the selection was perfect. Missing – someone I think requested it that way?

4. What was your favorite dish?
Lamb shishkebob. The roast chicken was pretty f@#$&* awesome. Anything that was lamb. The BEST dolmades ever. Whole chicken with garlic potato spread.

5. What recommendation and/or tip would you provide to friends about Semiramis?
It’s a great middle eastern byob option! Definitely worth the trip. Steps from the brown line too. BYOB we love that. Fresh & made to order. Bring both a bottle of red, white or beer. Easy parking on the street. Who knew there were so many pretty houses in Albany Park.

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3 responses to Urban culinary adventure || middle eastern

  1. Crista

    oh yeah! I’ve eaten at this place… it was …ok…. not bad! although, i haven’t been back since…..


    • Valentine Post Author

      This is another value for money spot .. not fine dining just value for money .. for fine dining check out the posts on Next & Alinea etc.


      • Crista

        gasp. i’m dying to go to next! they’ll be featuring a vegan menu. i NEED to get there!! haha


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