Schwa || mission impossible

Thank-goodness for Tereasa Surratt and her obsession with Gwyneth Paltrow combined with her insatiable persistence to get things done. We had given up on getting another reservation at Schwa after too many unreturned calls or the inability to leave a voicemail. I have no idea how Tereasa did it, but we were glad that we got a call to join the table for four recently. Even better, there were no cancellations or moving the date by Schawa [see yelp reviews] at the last-minute either. It was all smooth sailing & deliciousness.

We first were wowed by Schwa back in 2006, and then again after the reopening in 2007 [read this GQ article for the full story], and we are happy to note that they still have it. I am not a restaurant critic, but to prove that they still have it going on, the eve that we dined Charlie Trotter popped in for dinner too. The tiny hole-in-the-wall BYOB restaurant with seating for maybe 30 people at a squeeze is on a random stretch of road. The experience created behind the graffitied and worn facade by Michael Carlson is one of surprise and imagination where the food is taken seriously but themselves less so. Service is informal but informative and the dishes combine ingredients in inventive interpretations of classic flavors and experiences – like Dr. Pepper or the Potato Bar at Wendy’s. We will go back again, we just need to crack the code on how to succeed at getting a reservation.

Schwa on Urbanspoon

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