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MorgMorgenstern’s crisp blue facade immediately grabbed our attention and drew-us-into this delicious small batch fine ice-cream store. Like many new food businesses these days, it started with humble beginnings as a street cart, and it’s long lines soon turned to bricks & mortar. Having just feasted on a huge brunch we opted to share something fresh & light – we chose the champagne-mango sorbet – the perfect exclamation point to our meal. We know we will be back to sample more flavors, like the ‘salted caramel pretzel’ ice-cream. Oh – bring cash, it’s all they accept.




Sunday April 26th – the second Chowzter World’s Tastiest Fast Feasts Awards took place at London’s L’Anima Cafe to announce the winners of the world’s very best dishes. The Awards where divided into several categories: Tastiest item in the World + Tastiest item by Dish + Regional Winners.

Let me cut to the chase, I am way too excited to hold it in any longer – so happy to say that Chicago brought home the best Tastiest Fast Feast in North America with Franks’n’Dawgs Bahn Mi Hot Dog. Check the reel below for details. Now onto working on getting Chicago into the running for the ‘foodiest city’ in the world for 2015. We are too often overlooked in the world’s arena as a World Class food city, this helps validate what we Chicagoans have all known for a very long time. Congratulations Franks’n’Dawgs.

Don’t forget – when you are traveling or even exploring your very own city looking for some tasty fast feasts [not to be confused with fast food – these are dishes that are made with fresh ingredients and not from a freezer or mass-produced assembly line], head over to Chowzter to see what my fellow Chief Chowzters have to recommend.

Here is a great summary for the Awards event that was created by Simon Leong founder of Simon Food Favourites. Sending all the winners a huge Congratulations – keep making tasty fast feasts.

To see all the Awards read onwards – for more details on each of the category winners.

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2014 - Nominations - Tastiest Fast Feasts on Earth

2014_global_inviteThe countdown is on … Chowzter ‘Tastiest Fast Feasts on Earth Awards’ are coming up in London, and the 2014 Nominations have been selected. So excited to see my hometown represented – Regional Awards for North America – the Banh Mi dog from Franks ‘n Dawgs is up for an award. GO Franks’n Dawgs! I am looking forward to attending the event in London, heading off next Monday for some London sightseeing before the festivities kick-off on Friday, April 25th [see details].

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Chief Chowzter || Fast Feasts Chicago


I am please to announce that I have been recognized as a leading food expert by Chowzter, and I am the current acting Chief Chowzter representing Chicago. We are a global team committed to finding and sharing amazing tips for other foodies around the world about: where to get delicious fast feasts; of the highest quality; at a good price; anytime; and anywhere. Chowzter is committed to locating and supporting the local independent food purveyor utilizing locally sourced fresh ingredients, prepared at the moment of consumption.  In April I will be a guest representative for the 2014 ‘Tastiest Fast Feasts in the World Awards’ hosted in London, England. So excited. For now, I am in the process of quickly updating all the Chicago recommendations. If you have anything that you think I should add to the list send me a link so I can check it out.

Hong Kong || the chairman



We ended up dining at The Chairman on a Chef’s recommendation. We previously dined a few doors down at Ronin [Japanese deliciousness], they recommended when in Beijing to go to Okra [more Japanese goodness], and the Chef at Okra said when back in Hong Kong go to ‘The Chairman’, so we did. We were only able to get in for Lunch, this is a popular destination, however, emailing the restaurant they are fast to respond and truly do their best to accommodate you.


They are a little tricky to find, yet once you arrive you are pleasantly greeted with open arms & efficient service. The restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine with a focus on fresh local ingredients. The menu is not pages long, but there is a decent selection. We allowed our server [Arta] to assist with the ordering so that we didn’t end up with too much.

We started with a crisp & refreshing palette cleanser of – cherry tomatoes pickled in basil reduction with lemongrass on pickled yam. Followed by wild clams stir fried with chilli jam and basil – they were just the right amount of heat and got our appetites excited for more.


Next-up, was one of our favorite dishes – the smoked baby pigeon with longing tea, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, although there was not a huge amount of meat – it was a baby.


The deep-fried crab meat and mushrooms dumplings were delicate & delicious – a very complex dish to assemble as they are encased in thin slices of pork fat to create the shell.



The main courses consisted of braised & fried spare ribs with preserved plums in caramelized black vinegar – finger lickin’ good. Paired with the house speciality – The Chairman’s soy sauce chicken – totally drool worthy [warning – licking screen will not result in experiencing this & other dishes]. We did have some braised vegetables in case you were wondering, and soaked up all the sauces in rice.


We rounded out the dining experience with – warm almond sweet soup | ginger ice-cream | wolf berry ice-cream. We then headed [waddled] out into the streets for a much-needed walk. YUM.