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Welcome 2014


May your 2014 be your best year yet. Wishing you all a – Happy New Year! Thanks for popping by to read my blog from time-to-time. Cheers!Signature

Holiday || disasters

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Just wanted to pop in and share a few of our holiday disasters so far.

The first starts with the fact that we really didn’t get a white christmas this year as you can witness from the short video. However, thanks to a new App for the iPhone we were able to liven the place up a with a little action.

Then the second disaster came from what started as a friendly Gingerbread House building competition. When the Log Cabin team lost and claimed that the other team cheated “this is a Gingerbread house decorating competition, NOT a Gingerbread house and landscaping competition” … the losers proceeded to seek revenge.

This App has been a great stress reliever this Holiday season, we have used it to blow everything up: dogs, Aunts, kids, aggressive drivers on the road, all result in some hardy belly laughs versus tears and shouting matches. Highly recommended.

Happy || holidays

From our house to where ever you maybe happy holidays and thanks for popping in during 2011. Roam & Home is taking a break to celebrate with family & friends with lots of eating, drinking and holiday merriment.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday, see you in 2012.

Holiday || brown paper package

YAY! We got another package in the mail. A brown paper package tied up with string. We ripped into in a nano-second, and it took a few more layers of peeling back the textures before we got to the goods. Paper, string, corrugated cardboard, crate and then the contents revealed themselves. A beautifully packaged bottle of Maple Syrup ready for some serious cocktail making. Goodbye ‘Agave Nectar’ & ‘Simple Syrup’ you have been dutifully replaced with something far more sophisticated and perfect for winter time cocktails. For more details on the story behind this little beauty check out the Wandawega posts here and here.

Thank-you Wandawega for lifting our Spirits : )
Hugs and kisses from around the corner – XX OO